POSITION: Finisher

Department: Factory Variable
Department No: 031140
Reports to: Production Manager
Reporting Employee:  None
Work Schedule: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday or some variation thereof; overtime upon business need
Location: Norco, CA
Exemption status: Non-exempt (Hourly)
Job Code: 3910
Approval: SW
EEO: Craftworker
Work Comp: 2812C
Benefits Tier: 3


The Finisher will assist in all phases of finishing millwork products which include appropriate finish, mixing custom colors, sanding, and staining ensuring components are completed in a timely manner, with specific attention to quality, productivity requirements, and safety.

Essential Duties + Responsibilities

  • Carefully review work instructions and specifications to determine finishing need and verify conformance to specifications.
  • Recognize wood species characteristics to select appropriate stain, sealer, top coat, etc.
  • Accountable for completing finish sanding and final preparation for materials prior to application.
  • Create formulas for custom paints, stains and finishes for projects that require eye matched finishes; document formulas according to company specifications.
  • Operate finish equipment for the purpose of application including but not limited to pneumatic spray guns, and airless pumps.
  • Maintain machinery within Finishing area and be able to perform maintenance activity without assistance such as cleaning of pneumatic spray guns; advise of any machinery or tools needing additional maintenance to Shop Foreman immediately.
  • Utilizes appropriate sanding techniques for raw materials as well as sealed products.
  • Monitors completed product to ensure quality standards are met; making necessary adjustments as needed (i.e. adjusting composition of stain, touch-up, etc).
  • Dispose of waste material after completing work assignments according to company policy and safety standards.
  • Maintain clean work area; cleaning up around the machines, sweeping and  organizing stacked wood and  returning equipment and hand tools to their proper storage locations.
  • Maintain safe working conditions at all times while running all equipment, including utilizing proper personal protective equipment, attending required safety training meetings in accordance with OSHA and California Labor Codes.
  • Communicating with supervisors or coworkers to facilitate smooth work flow within and between departments
  • Assist in assembly or milling activities as requested.
  • All other duties and projects as assigned.

Physical Demands

To perform this job successfully, the employee must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The demands described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable employee-owners with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Required demands include:

  • Manual dexterity -- Ability to be able to move your hands quickly to grasp, manipulate, or assemble.
  • Extent Flexibility -- The ability to bend stretches, twist, or reach with your body, arms, and/or legs. Typically bends, stoops, and turns/pivots to move perform production activities.
  • Trunk Strength -- The ability to use your abdominal and lower back muscles to support part of the body repeatedly or continuously over time without 'giving out' or fatiguing.
  • Static Strength -- The ability to exert maximum muscle force to lift, push, pull, or carry objects up to 70 pounds on a rare basis, 21-50 pounds occasionally, and up to 20 pounds on a frequent basis. Typically pushes, pulls, and grasps wood products to complete production tasks. A 2-person lift is required for anything over 50 pounds.
  • Stamina -- The ability to exert you physically over long periods of time without getting winded or out of breath; must be able to walk/stand for 8-10 hours per day in intervals of 3-4 hours in department assigned.
  • Dynamic Strength -- The ability to exert muscle force repeatedly or continuously over time. This involves muscular endurance and resistance to muscle fatigue.
  • Multi-limb Coordination -- The ability to coordinate two or more limbs (for example, two arms, two legs, or one leg and one arm) while sitting or standing.
  • Typically requires full use of arms and hands to reach overhead, forward, and out to the sides to lift, rotate, carry, etc. wood products and/or tools.
  • Gross Body Coordination -- The ability to coordinate the movement of your arms, legs, and torso together when the whole body is in motion while performing production functions.
  • See, Hear and Communicate -- Sufficient capability to perform assigned tasks and maintain proper job safety conditions.

Work Environment

WB Powell is a manufacturer of custom cabinetry products; the incumbent could also be exposed to dust, various temperatures, fumes and loud noise in the factory setting. Due to regular time spent on the factory floor, the incumbent must be able to tolerate some exposure to these work place characteristics. The incumbent must also follow all company safety procedures; including wearing required personal protective equipment while on the production floor.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must have 3+ years’ demonstrable experience using pneumatic spray and sanding equipment for use within architectural millwork and/or case goods industry.
  • Must have 3+ years experience in Finishing role or equivalent education with demonstrable knowledge of coating, shelf/pot life of appropriate acids/catalysts/finishes.
  • Must possess high level of knowledge of chemicals used in the finish process and how to dispose of them safely.
  • Possess basic knowledge of wood, wood properties and wood species.
  • Proficient in use of wood shop tools and possess troubleshooting aptitude.
  • Must be able to read and comprehend simple instructions in English, mechanical drawings – CAD drawings and write simple correspondence.
  • Ability to learn and maintain a working knowledge of WB Powell’s broad product line.
  • Must be well-composed while under pressure maintaining positive attitude at all times in a demanding, fast-paced environment.
  • Demonstrate cognitive ability to read words and numbers, follow directions and routines, and work independently with appropriate judgment..
  • Must monitor own work to ensure top quality product.
  • Work collaboratively in a diverse environment with all levels of employees.
  • Extended hours may be required as service needs dictate.
  • Must maintain safe maintenance practices and adhere to WB Powell, OSHA, and California Labor Code safety requirements.
  • Willingness to continuously learn and be open to feedback to improve individual performance.
  • The incumbent must reside within a reasonable distance of the Norco, CA area to service this location.
  • Travel: None.