High-end Architectural Woodworking expertise doesn’t put itself in a box, a corner, or limit itself to limited types of projects.  WB Powell has successfully completed unique projects in other market segments for corporate offices, institutional & Faith-based buildings, as well as museums.  Saint Thomas More Catholic Church is a great example of this with WB Powell contributions a key component leading to a “Grand Orchid” award by the San Diego Architectural Foundation to Renzo Zecchetto Architects.  In addition, we have recently completed an equally challenging design the Zecchetto for the parish at St John Vianney in Hacienda Heights.  San Diego’s Balboa Park is the site of another one of a kind creation by WB Powell for The Museum of Photographic Art (Gensler / San Diego).


Pepperdine University / O'Dell S. McConnell School of Law Auditorium

Southern California Church

Museum of Photographic Arts

Saint Thomas More Catholic Church